Skincare: Supercharged

Discover how MicroCrystals work deeper to resolve your skin concerns

Creams and serums, however advanced, have their limitations – even high-quality actives can’t address problem areas if they’re mostly absorbed in the surface layers of your skin. If crow’s feet, spots and fine lines aren’t responding to your topical skincare routine, it’s time for a more targeted solution.

With the help of K-beauty scientists, we developed our pioneering range of scientifically proven, medically-inspired MicroMasks to treat stubborn concerns at levels other skincare cannot reach, for smoother, brighter, more youthful skin – even in the trickiest of areas.

Each MicroMask is covered with dissolvable MicroCrystal tips which easily bypass the top layer of dead skincells and deliver rejuvenating skincare actives exactly where needed – deeper than anything else on the market.

Once applied, the MicroCrystals dissolve in around 2 hours ­– ensuring the entire dose of serum reaches exactly where it is needed to have the biggest impact on skin renewal and rejuvenation. Easy to use and painless, there’s zero recovery time and visible results improve over time.

Painless Pyramid Crystals

Perfectly shaped to painlessly pierce the skin’s outer layer and deliver the maximum actives.