Advanced technology. Our waterless microneedle masks work their magic without the need for water

What Our Customers Say

Why We 💗 Vice Reversa Microneedle Patches

Abbey. N

Good Results

I am hooked

Absolutely the only eye product that I thought really worked. Perhaps other eye creams and patches help prevent wrinkles, but they certainly didn't do anything to reduce wrinkles. I noticed such massive improvements almost immediately. I am hooked.

Kate H.

Nava. A

Plumper and more youthful after each use....


After the 6 weeks my eyes were plumper, and my dark circles were gone.

John S.

Lisa W.

This product makes a huge difference.

Eye Rejuvenator is a breakthrough in skincare technology.

MicroCrystal Technology

Targeted Treatments

No matter how good your skincare routine is, we all have ‘problem’ areas such as fine lines, wrinkles, spots and pigmentation.

The problem is that all the wonderful innovative ingredients out there always come up against a barrier, literally: your skin. This makes it hard for skincare products to work, because it stops active ingredients from getting down to the dermal layers where the product will be most effective.

Microneedle patches painlessly solve this problem utilising medical-grade technology alongside a patented crystallised serum needle formulation to deliver serious results, free of pain and hassle.

Micro Technology

Macro Results

Painless Effective Microneedles

We set hundreds of ultra-fine microneedles on a medical-grade hydrocolloid patch.

Dissolves Within Two Hours

When applied they painlessly penetrate the skin’s outer layer. Each microneedle is formed from crystallised serum and starts to dissolve once in the skin.

Full Of Hi-Performance Actives

Over the next two hours they fully self-dissolve to deliver the active ingredients inside them direct to the dermal layers.

Green tea extract (EGCG)

Breaks down sebum and bacteria to disinfect the skin and unclog pores while reducing redness, swelling.

Salicylic acid

Purges the skin of bacteria and debris, while reducing oil production and calming redness and swelling.


Supercharges your skin’s natural defences against toxins and UV damage.

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Why just accept it when you can Micro Mask it?